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How to play AK v Super NIT?

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  • How to play AK v Super NIT?

    Hi all
    I was playing in a 6max cash game the other day and a spot got me wondering.
    Stats from approx 500 hands
    CO playing(18/2/0) x4
    SB playing(37/13/0)flat called
    I 3bet AKo in BB but should of flatted as nit shoved 140bbs.
    I had seen the NIT raise CO with KK and limp AA in same session
    Would flatting be the best play pre flop?
    If flatted what boards should I be donk betting HU or in a 3 way pot with the SB? Or should I only be checking to him post flop?

    Thanks to anyone who takes the time to give me advice.

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    500 hands means the nit's 18/2 pre-flop stats are fairly trustworthy. You have to expect a range of TT+ and maybe AK when he open raises.
    I think I'd flat call and play quite passively post flop, aiming to win a small pot, not lose a big one. 3-betting just folds out the bottom of his range, so you don't get any value, or gives him a chance to shove on you with QQ+.
    Post-flop, check-fold if you don't make TPTK or better, check-call if you do. If he fires 2 barrels on Axx or Kxx, then you're basically praying for a chop with another AK, and hoping he hasn't got a set. If he bets the flop but checks behind on the turn, he probably has QQ-JJ and you can donk small on safe rivers, hoping he'll make a crying call with his underpair.
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      Thanks smokes I think your right Next time I am 100% flatting there. Ended up folding pre flop and wasting a great hand. Your post flop plan makes sense too so I will certainly be using that in future and leave the winning big pots against them with suited connectors/set mining etc. Thanks again for your advice, might save me allot of money in the future umbup:


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        it kind of depends on how he reacts to your 3bets in general. if he ever calls 3bets then its great to have AK in your 3bet range since he'll be coming in with inferior hands. if for example he never calls 3bets and always 4bet jams all-in with only his best hands QQ+ then maybe you should reconsider. I suppose my point is, a play is not always in a vacuum as it depends on other factors sometimes.


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          I missed this reply. Wow getting advice off Mr 6max. Made my day....thanks Randy



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