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River fold? hate it

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  • River fold? hate it

    I suppose a begrudging fold here:

    this is Rush 10nl.

    had about 150 hands on him fairly solid reg.

    questions jam pre ?

    or jam flop?

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    Against fairly solid reg you should be losing to one hand and one hand only and thats TT, which is quite a weak reraise from a solid reg.

    What was your steal % from the Button?

    if we asked him how you play what will he say (does he think your tight / loose / nit?

    Personally against a TAG Having taken it this far I'm expecting him to flip over QQ, KK or AA. So I call and expect to take it down most times.
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      I am no expert but I think there are just too many hands that you beat to fold in that spot. Yes, he might have a boat (would he really 3bet 99 or 88?) or QhJh but he will much more likely turn over an overpair, AT or maybe even a bluff (if he thinks you are capable of folding hands like JJ, small flushes or small straights there it would be a good spot for him to try and bluff all his AK,AQ,KQ and AJ combos do not you think?). His all in OTR is also just 6.10 into 9.50 pot so it is not like he overbet the pot 2 x. You only need to be ahead ~40% of the time so the question is: are you ahead of 40% of his river shoving range? Unless you have a dead read on that guy (which you do not) i think you most certainly are. I do not think I would fold even to a pot sized bet but do not listen to me I am a donkey who plays at 5NL where even regs make fairly stupid river value bets and bluffs so you just cannot get into habit of folding nut flushes just because the board is paired.


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        And yes, I would also go for a big flop reraise which might look like I am on a draw since the board is so wet. In my experience slowplaying on that kind of board does not accomplish much against solid regs. Hope this helps (at least just a small bit ) GL at the tablesumbup:


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          @ Grade: I suppose I have a fairly high % on BU but fairly low c/3bet. His resteal in SB was 10%. he had no 4 to 5 bet stats.
          So with that in mind I decide to call because he could be 3betting with worse As or Ks, I have position and my hand i think to strong to 4bet then fold to 5bet shove which is what I may have done.

          @ T lol this is only 10nl 1 stake higher than u so same reasoning will apply i think

          reason i did not reraise the F as 3bet pot the money could or would have gone in by river anyhow (maybe not a good enough reason)


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            The link is not working for me, it won't connect. I'll try again later but in the mean time if you can post the text HH that would be great.
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              Hi Dive,

              Link worked for me now.

              Again like the last hand, we are way too deep to jam pre over his .90c 3b. If we think he's 3b wider because we opened the button then I like to 4b here to about 2.35 (and stack off if he 5-bets).

              Also on the flop, a jam over his c-bet is not likely to mazimize value. I would however raise immediately, talk about this a lot in live training... we want to stimulate action and build the pot right now before a scary card comes off. Like if he's got 2 black queens, any A, K, heart, or even a 6 or 8 will look scary to him. Yet if you raise immeidately he may decide to reraise to "protect his hand" and you can get stack action from a hand drawing dead to runner runner.

              So those are my answers to the questions you posed about jamming. Now on the river I am never folding, I'll pay off his quads and 9's full and stack up everything else (JJ-AA and a few random bluffs).
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                TY L i need to attend more of your sessions



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