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10NL Zoom JJ 3Bet Pot

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  • 10NL Zoom JJ 3Bet Pot

    Villain was 20/14, AF:0.8 over 70 hands. F3B: 0%(1), Flop FCB: 0%(4), Turn FCB: 0%(1) Wasn't sure how to proceed with this hand. Cos when he flat the 3bet, he could have a wide range, including AK, QQ. At the same time, our JJ is not beating any PPs. Few combinations that we're ahead of. Cbet the flop with my SD and since he had a low FCB%, he might float with 2 overcards. Turn comes a brick. Didn't want to let him have a free card so I bet. 1/2 pot is because if he shoves here, I should have an easy fold. Might have slowplayed a a set or overpair. River I saw there's less than 1/2 pot stack left, so all in. I don't know if I fell into the BWP (bet w/o purpose) category for this hand. Was my bet sizing right? Is there any better line to take? Perhaps check/calling the Turn, keeping his range wide. Check/raising the Turn, leveraging on fold equity. Maybe check/fold the River since after he called us 2 streets, there're really not many hands we beat- JT, AJ, AT (AK might be too optimistic). Thanks!

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    Hi TANW,

    At the same time, our JJ is not beating any PPs. Few combinations that we're ahead of.
    Before even starting the replayer to look at the hand, I disagree right away. Flops contain only 3 cards, and there are 9 pocket pairs lower than JJ. So I think we are in fact beating a lot of pocket pairs. Think this through. There are 6 pairs we're beating, and 6 beating us. 3 of those are sets (9 total card combos) and 3 overpairs = 27 combos beating us, and 36 underpair combos we beat, so if the villain had only pocket pairs we are a 36-27 (4-3) favorite to have the best hand still.

    Another thing to think about, it's important to use your HUD stats correctly and wisely. In this hand you are looking at some stats that are meaningless (sample sizes of 1 hand will be 0 or 100% and won't tell us anything) and excluding what I think is a key stat, button steal %. 20/14 is fairly TAG for 6-max, is he opening a similar range on the button or are his button opens significantly higher? This has a big impact on his range imo.

    At any rate I would just proceed with a bet/bet/bet line here. Not worried too much about overpairs, if he has one so be it but I think we get 4b a lot or raised right on a wet flop a lot by these. I assume when he calls he's got a fair bit of worse 1 pair hands and draws. I would bet bigger than you did, and with an overpair+OESD, I'd commit in a 3-bet pot here. We still have equity against all better hands except QJ specifically, and can expect action from a lot of worse hands including pair+draw combos we crush like 77, JT, J9s and flopped draws like AJ and KJ. If you bet like 1.80 on the flop and he calls there would be 5.70 in the pot and he'd have 5 left, so you can put him all in on blank turns and force his worse hands and draws to stack off or fold a big pot.
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      Dave thanks for the analysis Sometimes 20/14 will call with 3bet IP with PPs lower than 88, not sure about this Villain since it was the first time I 3bet him.

      Agree that we should commit with an overpair + OESD so should bet larger. We got the 10 outs against him if he did have an overpair. He flipped over QQ this time, was surprised how he actually slowplayed it. Took a note about it.



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