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10NL 6-max zoom raise QQ utg over called +1 and bb J high flop?

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  • 10NL 6-max zoom raise QQ utg over called +1 and bb J high flop?

    10NL 6-max Zoom 1 table.

    I raised QQ utg then I was over called +1 and in the bb facing a Tc8hJc flop and I have a club.

    Not seen these players before but TheAwesomeNW was playing 10NL Zoom x4 and had earlier called my open and raised me off a c-bet.

    That aside is not related to my decision making as now I was dealing with a half stack who leads out?

    So what do you over call an over call with, in the bb, to a utg raise 6-max?

    Questions on a post card.

    So basically calling has to be the best option if I raise the shorty I'm probably getting 5 bucks shoved in my face.

    Then comes a turn 2 to me a blank but now with two flush draws the board is Tc8hJc2h is any two card betting the turn?

    So I raise the villain's turn bet to get the rest of the chips on the river?

    So what was the line >>here<< speculative?

    I'm more confused when I win money to when I lose to a worse hand suck out.
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    Hi Forrest,

    I think a midstack leading out on such a coordinated board is gonna have a range consisting of a lot of top pair or pair + draw type hands.

    Hence I would raise with the intention of raise/calling against the midstack and raise/folding if the overcaller behind you puts more money in the pot.

    Calling here has two major disadvantages: the overcaller can profitably stay in the pot given the great odds he gets and there are a lot of turncards that might either beat us or kill potential action.

    As played, OTT I would raise him AI due to his short stacksize to maxmize value from the range that I gave him OTF.
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      Hi Felix, Thanks for the review. I see your point about calling the lead may allow the action behind me to come along cheaply. Raising here could squeeze out of that possibility and having a plan if not. As played OTT shoving to the short stack would put the decision on him to call with maybe the implied odds on a draw or fold 1 pair. Good luck in Vegas umbup:



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