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5nl Zoom - AKo in the SB. Best line to take?

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  • 5nl Zoom - AKo in the SB. Best line to take?

    The villain is a complete unknown. No stats; no reads; and unfortunately I either didn't check or cannot remember how many tables he was playing.

    Preflop is a std 3bet I'm OOP and have a value hand. The villain calls and the flop comes down Q high, at this point I think his range consists of lots of double broadway cards and PP's. I think this is a great spot to keep the initiative and cbet as he will often fold and I'll pick up the dead money in the pot. When he calls my cbet I feel he could do this with a hand like AhJx, PP's and lots of TP hands.

    The turn is a pretty big blank and this is where my first uncertainty creeps in. The turn brings no additionally fold equity so therefore I shouldn't fire. However, by giving up initiative am I allowing myself to be floated too easily? Or should I worry less about that given that it is a 3bet pot? Also given that it is a 3bet pot, if I fire this turn am I likely to get a fold a large amount of the time as I'm repping an overpair?

    I decided to check as I felt the turn didn't bring any fold equity and any hand that calls the flop is calling the turn. The opponent checks behind and the river rolls off a 9c, again not bringing any fold equity. I'm unsure whether to bet this to try and fold out small-med PP's or is this just throwing money away. I feel that I could have fired this river card had I fired the turn but that means triple barrelling with A high which is a recipe for disaster at the micros.

    Imo I should either take a bet/check/check line or a bet/bet/bet line. Would a bet/check/bet line be okay here or will I just be throwing away money on the river?

    [replay hand_id=401434 type=ps title_id=2 showControls=1 themePath=table_PS_560x386.jpg lang=en gameEntity=0 hash=9B8E77DD28]

    Thanks for any help

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    Hi Oliver,

    First off 3-betting is the standard play and it's fine but flatting isn't bad preflop here either considering we are 155bb's deep and if he 4-bets I'll be really unhappy as I don't really think we can profitably get it all this deep pre unless the villain is really spewy (a read we don't have). So don't just casually 3b because it's standard, but plan your hand and how you will respond to a 4b when deep stacked.

    Flop cbet I like, turn check/fold (he doesn't let us and checks behind), river just check and I would actually consider calling a reasonable bet. The reason I would consider calling here is when we check to him twice, most microstakes players would just check down a small pair figuring they have AK beat (they don't thin value bet nearly often enough). But they might bluff a busted draw after being checked to twice and all the flopped draws missed.
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