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5nl Zoom - 4bet bluff pre? River value bet?

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  • 5nl Zoom - 4bet bluff pre? River value bet?

    The villain is another player who is relatively unknown, he is 4 tabling and I haven't played with him before this session. However during this session I've noticed that he has been 3betting a tonne. I only have 30 hands on him for which his stats are 25/11/15.4 AF - 1.5. Pre flop I think I made a big mistake as playing OOP in a 3bet pot without initiative is pretty difficuly. Given my medium strength hand and position would it be better to turn my hand into a bluff and 4bet preflop or should this just be a fold given that I have such a small sample size? Once I call I'm really unsure how to play the hand, which is why I think I should have folded or 4bet preflop. My thoughts at the time was to check raise this flop as I have an OESD but fold to a reraise as he would be repping an overpair. However the player check behind, I'm not sure whether the c/r line would be optimal or if donking would be better? On the turn I decide to lead as a semibluff to capitalise on the dead money in the pot. He calls and I river TP, however AQ gets there and KT and KJ make two pair. Should I go for thin value here or is it too thin? Thanks Oliver
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    Hi Oliver,

    You figured out the preflop already, don't call and play out of position. Fold or 4b (and fold to a 5b jam). The villain isn't too unknown, he's somewhat fishy I'd say, even over only 30 hands which is a tiny sample size, 25/11 is fishy, 15.4% 3b is too high, AF1.5 is a bit passive , And he's playing an odd stack size.

    I want to 4b this guy but the stacks are just awkward. Not terribly happy to 4b/fold to a 60 bb stack, but I don't think we can profitable 4b/call off either with KQ. And I suspect this guy might actually flat us a lot in this spot (where a good player never would). So if we make it like .72c and he flats, now there's 1.50 in the middle and he's got 2.30 left. Awwwwwkward! SO I would just fold and give this one up.

    Recheck your flop plan, which you state is check/raise and fold to a reraise. This would never work given the stacks... He c-bets .50c, you check-raise to 1.20 for example, now his shove is only 1.43 more so you'd have to call that much into a pot of 4.60, 3.2-1 with 2 overs and the straight draw. You can't be that big a dog to his range. Even if he's only doing this with TT+, KQ, AhJh+, you're still only a 2-1 dog and that includes no weaker hands or spazzes. I don't mind the check-raise plan but given his stack think we should probably just c/r jam.

    He's so far fairly passive post flop, not sure I like betting as AK/AQ are going to show up here a lot. I think we could check and call a reasonable bet, or make only a token value bet and fold to a raise.
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