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5NL - TPTK on wet flop

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  • 5NL - TPTK on wet flop

    Hi, Do you like the donk bet line here against villain 14/11/2 21% steal (100 hands) considering stack sizes? What is an optimal line otherwise?

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    I'm not too keen on donking with TPTK. If villain missed completely, we miss value when he folds. A 14/11 guy is likely to c-bet his entire range, so I'd just call his c-bet. If he has worse than us, he'll probably slow down on the turn and check behind, meaning we can probably lead the river if it's a blank.
    I tend to use donk bets solely for when I have a monster like a set in a multiway pot (and I want action), or when I have a draw on the flop and I want to harness some fold equity. So, in general, use donkbets for when you want someone to raise or fold. When you have a one pair hand, you generally just want to call down.
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      Arty has already made some good points.

      The problem I would have with donking especially against shorter stacks is that I might risk getting raised by a range that is hard for me to judge since it could contain both worse hands or semibluffs. If I then plan to b/f my hand I could potentially give up a ton of equity which I could have realized through a x/c line.

      As played I think it is fine to b/f turn since it is more likely that his turnraise will be a lot stronger now that you have donked twice with bigger sizes.
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