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25NL FR Zoom: Preflop AKo line

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  • 25NL FR Zoom: Preflop AKo line

    V4 is an ABC zoom reg, although Im not sure why he has a shortish stack here. I put him on 88+ and AJs+. I only have 100 or so hands on V8, but he is laggy with a 28% VPIP. His range is pretty wide. V1 is another ABC zoom reg. I put him on a prospective hand.

    I have two options here. Call and reevaluate on the flop. Im oop and this keeps the pot under control. It also ensures that I head postflop, oop into a multiway pot. I know Im going to have a hard time no matter what comes on the flop. So, I opted for alt two.

    Raise and try to squeeze V1 out of the hand. I went for a standard 3x plus 1x for each caller plus a bit more since I am oop. I feel that a 4 buck raise looks strong and is going to be hard for anyone to call. If V1 comes over the top, I'll have an easy fold. if I get called by anyone, I'll have to be cautious and reevaluate on the flop. I am expecting (hoping) that everyone folds and am happy to win the $2.60 already in the pot.

    My squeeze worked, but is this a good line to take in this spot?


    Roland GTX

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    Hi Greg,

    I think it's fine. You shouldn't have to worry about V8 or V1 having a monster as they didn't 3b it themselves, so this will be rare. They in theory could be as strong as JJ or QQ flatting the UTG raise but your big 3b puts them in a weird spot. V3 is the one who is most likely to have a monster, but he's playing a shorter stack and is squeezed between your large 3b and the callers... I don't think he should ever be flatting here, he's 4b jamming or folding. I'm happy getting AK in against his stack, and also will be content to get it in vs. the others after 3-betting to this size... while I'd expect to be a slight dog to them now and be looking at TT-QQ a lot, there's enough in the pot to justify it as well as some occassional worse hands that think you're just squeezing light and get out of line with you.
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