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5NL - TPGK getting raised

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  • 5NL - TPGK getting raised

    Hi, I found myself in this tough spot. I have TPGK, but if I call I'll be OOP facing aggression on later streets. I don't like raising as I don't have a value hand yet and could be shoved on with draws (maybe?). I was thinking to call flop, and maybe x/c turn on a non diamond or perhaps donk bet turn. But both lines might get spewy. I ended up timing out, but perhaps a fold is not too bad anyway (although Villain could be raising air here - but I don't have information on our opponent)?

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    Hi geo,

    This is about as good a flop as we can get for K9 that doesn't fit into the monster category, and we are in a blind v blind stealing position where opponents will tend to give us little credit. Folding to a single raise on the flop here is not something I'd ever do unless the villain is very conservative/nitty (no reads though). We will be getting raised by worse made hands, draws, and sometimes air simply because this flop usually doesn't hit us. I will generally call here, and sometimes lead turn, sometimes check/call turn. If the turn is a diamond I might bet and fold to a raise, I doubt he raises again without a hand that beats us. Playing out of position readless is a bad spot to be in, but the situation is such that we are blind v blind (widest ranges for both of us) with a hand that is at the top of our range post flop, so it will take a lot more than a single flop raise to remove myself from the hand.
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      In my opinion fold is only option yes you have top pair top kicker but ypu are loosing to great possibilities of hands. Any overpair set of 9 and any combination. Unless you know your oponent to be particulary blef oriented you have to give credit to his rise meaning better hand.

      Obviously stick with advice from hand anyliser. Iposted almost at the same time aso sorry for jumping in
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        I'd fold. There are way too many horrible turn cards if you call, and villain is likely to bet all of them.
        e.g. Any diamond has you worried he was raising with a flush draw. Any T, J, Q or A means you no longer have top pair. Basically, the only good cards for you are kings and 9s that don't make a flush possible. Four good cards out of 46 possible turn cards is not something I want to face, so I fold.
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