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Strange line w/ AKo

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  • Strange line w/ AKo

    What a weird hand. Looking at it again i probably should have just called the flop raise, but since it was a min bet i figure I should build the pot with a top pair. When he re-raised the flop I was a little worried, but figured he could spew worse than my hand.
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    Hi birdayy,

    First thing here is what is the reason to flat preflop? Is he going to give loose action with worse when we hit our hand? Are we going to be able to take pots away post when he misses? Is he easily readable? What is our plan for how this is going to be profitable after this villain 4x's? Sometimes I would fold, sometimes flat, sometimes 3b, no reads so no idea what the best line is yet...

    On the flop I don't like raising. The min-bet for his continuation is one of 2 things generally... usually it's a really weak hand just following through because he's "supposed to" (but clueless as to how to follow through properly), and occassionally it's a big hand that wants to induce action. When you raise, you will fold out all the weak hands which are now drawing in bad shape anyway, and only get action when crushed. Which comes to the next point, when he 3-bets your flop raise you are crushed. It would be very strange for him to take this line with worse hands and air, without a note that he does totally illogical stuff like this, I think we should just fold immediately and be glad he let us off the hook so cheaply by his bad line.

    Nice job on the turn just calling. His silly line gives us essentially a free card to draw to the nuts. If we raise here, given the flop line, we are going to be put all in on a draw. If we hit the back door nut hearts, I expect we'll get action from his set or AK. His bad line continues and gives us a free (.02c) shot at .65c pot + the rest of his stack.
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