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25NL 6-max zoom raise KK flat 3-bet and go... was it JJ flop set?

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  • 25NL 6-max zoom raise KK flat 3-bet and go... was it JJ flop set?

    25NL 6-max zoom raise KK flat 3-bet and go... was it JJ flop set?

    Well the title is one question.

    Another two are, is flatting with KK weak and then my basic thinking on the flop you 3-bet with what 22, 88, JJ or AA? Sick should have got it in pre?

    My heart was pounding going with this >>hand<< but should I have been worried? I have seen the villain before marked red = a cash player who raises never open limps or over calls.

    And... >>in next hand<< it was just a nice walk in the park.
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    Hi Forest,

    I think your line is fine here. I've no problem 4-betting either but if he's a TAG then he may get away from hands like TT/JJ/AQ to this action, and flatting to keep his entire 3-betting range in is fine. Post flop I think your line is good. Check to let him c-bet his whole range, and I also like leading the turn... the check/call-bet line is one he is probably not used to seeing and thus will be prone to miss interpreting it. He will think you have picked up a draw or are protecting a worse 1 pair hand (to deny AK a free card) and raise you with AJ+ like he did. This line prevents him from A) taking a free card if he actually has missed and B) checking back the turn for pot control with his worse made hands (if he would actually do this, some won't, they'll just blast away blindly). If he's got AA or JJ so be it, there's more combos of worse hands in his range anyway (QQ, AJ, AhKh, AhQh) that would play this way as well.
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      Hi Dave,

      Thanks for the break down on the line I took. I'm not too good thinking of all combinations I may be up against.

      Pre flop I was thinking 4-bet value not if I fold all the laundry and as a bluff what better will fold AA no chance.

      Flatting was seeking value later. On the flop I expected a
      c-bet and floated to re-evaluate on the turn.

      I'm glad you liked the lead out. In my head I was representing a draw bluffing a semi-bluff so to speak. Mixed up logic then it dawned on me - the villain may have what I am representing.

      I was scared of JJ or a monster draw when he snap shoved - deep breath and press call.


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        Great couple of hands Forrest, especially the call with the KK ... very nice!! umbup: And thanks Dave for the analysis!! umbup: Oh, and thanks Forrest so much for that note about 4-bet sizing ... I've been meaning to thank you for that. Have some notes I put together from another Live Training class that I thought might interest you in return? Saw you in the chat box for that class, but usually I wind up having to rewatch classes afterwards to make my notes, so thought maybe you'd still find the summary on Note-Taking helpful? It's from my Time Vault Challenge thread ... you thinking of participating in that? It's taken some time, but it's been helpful so far too. Still time left to sign up



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