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25 NL 6-max zoom: QQ sb vs bb weakly played

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  • 25 NL 6-max zoom: QQ sb vs bb weakly played

    Hi all, I had a tricky spot on a sb vs bb situation again. I was really disappointed with how I played this hand (extremely passively), so I wanted a second opinion. My opponenet was again an unknown(those days with the TCOOP on, there are a lot of people playing at zoom as well, so I don't even know half of them). preflop: nothing off the ordinary QQ=raise. flop: the flop looks really dry and nice and I c-bet for value, expecting to get a call by any pair kind/ draw kind of hand. turn: the turn pairs the 6 and for some reason I check to pot control, planning to fire the river if it 's checked back n planning to call down against reasonable sized bets. He fires quiet big and I call to see if he 'll continue on the river. river: a blank T arrives and my opponent overbets hugely. at this point, again with no reads(can't give him credit for overbet bluffing the river like that) I don't think I have much of a decision. Thinking about it later, I think I should have bet/folded the turn to a raise. but again if flat called on the turn, do we check/call (normal sized bet) again or bet/fold? Wut should be the line I should take in this kind of spot?

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    Rather than checking the turn, I like a smallish bet, like half pot. There aren't really any draws, so if villain raises you can give him credit for a six. If he calls, he most likely just has a jack, which you're beating.
    I'm nearly always folding to the river overbet. While he'll have JT sometimes (which you beat with queens and sixes), he's usually going for fat value with trips or even a boat.
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      Generally in Zoom I don't like deviating from my standard value lines unless I have a reason to based on stats, infos or reads on villain. Jx will always call at least 2 streets and sometimes even 3, and I would expect underpairs to get suspicious too when the board pairs.

      Of course, in a blind on blind situation you might sometimes add value by taking a passive line since people love to float flops and bet turn once you check especially in an aggressive blind dynamic like that - but without any reads you will also oftentimes make your decisions tough since you cannot really figure out betting ranges with a sizing like that. Yes he could be bluffing since he puts you on a weak Jx or 1 pair hand but that is only an assumption about an unknown.
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