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5nl Zoom - AA. Unknown villain overbet shoves river!

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  • 5nl Zoom - AA. Unknown villain overbet shoves river!

    Both villains in the hand are unknown, I have 16 hands on the villain that shoved the river, he's played 56/06 so far. However the sample size is way to small to make any accurate assumptions. Preflop I make my std 3.5x UTG open and get called in two spots, the flop comes down monotone spades. I have an overpair and the nut flush draw, I think there are plenty of hands that I can get value from. Worse Overpairs and spade draws are calling a bet every time so I bet 2/3 pot for value. 1 fold and the villain in the SB calls. The J peels and he checks again, it seems a pretty safe card for me to barrel and a hand like KsJx is now certainly calling, I decide to bet a little bigger than usual betting 4/5 pot. I did this as I felt his calling range was realtively inelastic so I might as well go for big value. The turn comes another two and the villain decides to overbet shove for around 2 x the pot! I'm really stuck what to do, it feels like he's missed a spade draw and is trying to blow me off my hand. Or would he play a set like this as he was scared of the flush and now he made a boat wants to get max value? Also it doesn't make sense for him to do this with a flopped flush as if he was an aggro player going for value with it he would surely have raised before the river. I don't feel like I'm behind when he does this but the price is really bad and if I call and I am wrong it's a pretty big mistake to make. Appreciate any help and advice Oliver
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    In my limited experience at this level, when this happens they have it a lot more than not. I doubt a one pair hand is good here. The guy's playing over half his hands preflop, so he could easily have a 2 in his hand that he's been holding on to. I wouldn't discard the possibility of two spades either.
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      I fold to the shove quicker than you can say "overpair no good".
      It's only 16 hands, but 56/6 is loose passive. Fish with stats like that tend to overbet when they have the near nuts (a boat in this case), but only call when they have a big non-nut hand like a set on a monotone flop.
      So if he had 88, he called the flop and turn because he's worried you have the flush, but then the river means he beats a flush, but he thinks you'll call the shove.
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        +1 on folding the river. To call such an overbet I usually need strong reads to make up for the fact I'm getting such bad odds to call and in that case I just need to know or at least have a good feel that villain is capable of bluffing in these spots with huge bets.

        You need to be good a lot here and I rarely see this being the case against a loose and passive player taking that line. Even though there are a few combos he might be bluffing with you are blocking the NFD and he could have slowplayed a flopped flush or set.
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