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5nl Zoom - double barrel spot?

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  • 5nl Zoom - double barrel spot?

    Villain is an unknown single tabler. Preflop I make my std CO open and get called, the flop is really dry so a half pot cbet makes sense here. However on the turn when I pick up a flush draw is it better to use this equity and barrel again or check behind. His range when he calls the flop consists of a lot of TP (Ax) hands, small to medium PP's that don't believe us yet as well as sets that are planning to raise the turn. When he checks the turn to us there is a good chance that he will fold nearly all PP's but continue with TP and call or raise with sets. This inclines me to check behind as we get to realise our equity and keep his range wide. However if we miss and he checks a third time can we bet the river as a bluff succesfully? Thanks for the help Oliver
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    If you check behind and miss the flush, I doubt he will be folding his top pair if that is what he has. I like to make another semi-bluff here and bet about 35-40 cts.

    At this point I'm drawing to 9 outs, and that means I'm only going to hit once in 5 times or so. Betting now gives me a chance to win the pot here. If he does raise, I can fold if I don't get the proper odds to pursue.
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      If we were out of position, I'd probably bet again, both for fold equity and to build a pot for the occasional times we make our hand. In position when checked to, I'd be more likely to take the free card and see what happens on the river.
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        I think cbetting is fine, there should be enough better hands that can fold on the flop in an unknown bb caller's range. I would size it a little bigger though - even though in Zoom you might get away with smaller cbets in general.

        I actually think that this turn gives him more of a reason to stick around with hands like 55/77 or connectors that made a pair OTF and picked up a gutter OTT. Hence I dont like to fire again and just take the card. We might also catch a T or Q and still win the pot against his smaller pairs while in my experience even in Zoom most people dont fold Ax OTT or the river to multiple barrels.
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