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2NL 9-max: QQ on the button

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  • 2NL 9-max: QQ on the button

    The player sitting on the BB is a 9/4/7. (and a very aggressive player) The limper is a 57/3/4. Any thoughts ? Thanks umbup:

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    Even thought he seems vey tight I think when the BB raises us we don't necessarily have to put him on a monster hand as your button raise could be done on a wide range and he's making a squeeze some of the time. However a direct shove seems a bit too aggressive to me. It's a tricky spot since the weak limper comes along but I think a smaller bet gives us the chance to see if the BB is getting cute or not and may give us a chance to get away. If he really is that tight, with the 4-bet shove we only get called by AA, KK and maybe AK meaning the best case scenario is more or less a flip. That's how I see it anyway, bit of a tricky spot.

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      Hi fp,

      I'm not sure 4b jamming is the best course of action. I don't think the BB is going to always have a monster here when he 3-bets as if he's paying attention at all he has likely realized V6 is a huge fish playing 57% of his hands very loose passive, and since I'm assuming you have been isolating his limps with an expanded range, he would have noticed that too. So like Fadyen said, he can be squeezing sometimes. The reason I don't like 4b jamming here though is 2 fold:

      1) V9 is tight, so he will only stack off with the very top of his range, basically AA/KK. Probably AK. I think he's folding hands we don't really want to fold out, like TT and AQ.

      2) This action is most likely to make the huge fish fold, and we don't want to blow him out of the pot, we want to play pots in position with the best hand against him. By jamming, you're taking a guy in V6 who makes lots and lots of mistakes, and essentially forcing him to play correctly (and fold his weak hand to you).

      If I 4b here it would be very small, like .45c, so the fish has a hard time folding. But that is also problematic as we have a problem when V9 5-bets... and that problem is the same as 1 and 2 above, his 5b range is probably very tight which isn't great for us, and it will likely blow the fish out of the pot.

      So my preference is to flat call the 3b and play the pot in position with a hand that is somewhat disguised (most 2nl players would 4b/get it in with QQ), keeping the worse parts of V9's range in the mix and giving V6 a flop and thus more opportunities to make mistakes.

      As a side note, Fadyen suggests if we 4b smaller we can "get away" if V9 5-bets. If we are going to 4b/fold QQ that is even more reason to simply not 4b and only flat here, QQ has way too much value to put 25-30% of our stack in the middle and fold without even seeing the flop. I would only recommend 4betting if we are planning to get it in pre should that decision come.
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