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2NL 9-max: TJs MP

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  • 2NL 9-max: TJs MP

    I had played only a few hands with the villain, but from what I've seen he's a LAG. Any thoughts on the hand ? Thanks umbup:

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    Depending on my activity before this hand and the reads I have on the remaining players, I can either raise here or fold it. Usually if I've been in a few pots before this I'll fold.

    The flop's decent enough.... unlikely to hit his range, we have two overs and a not-so-good flush draw, so not too sure I actually want to hit that flush. But on this board, I'm c-betting it. I think your size is too small though. There's 16 cents in the pot so you should be betting at least 10 cents here.

    On the turn, we hit the flush. I'm not overly fond of it, but I will bet it too. 18 cts into 27 sounds fine. Then he raises. This is the time to make a decision: he either has a better flush, or a worse flush. I wish I knew if a pure bluff is also in his range, that would make it easier. With my J high flush, I'm probably calling here and then see what happens on the river.

    I don't like shoving. If he is bluffing, he's going away. If he has a one pair hand, he's going away. If he has that, he might bluff the river, representijng the flush. Whether this is something he's capable of is dependent on your read. At this level, I doubt it.
    That leaves him hitting a flush. And frankly, I doubt it would be a flush we're beating.

    I hope I'd be able to fold this here.
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      Hi fp,

      My first thought is that a few hands isn't enough to determine a read of LAG. If he's loose-aggressive though I would play it basically the same way you did. His preflop flatting range should include lots of middle and small connected cards, so yeah we could be up against 33 or a bigger flush but we can also be up against worse flushes like 97s, 76s, trip 5's like 65, 75, 54, A5, and the Ad that is semi-bluffing. I think shoving is good so we get all that stuff in the middle now before the river card comes off.

      If he had been a tight player, our hand would be significantly weaker vs THAT turn raising range, and folding would not be out of the question then.
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        I'd fold pre, but if you DO play JTs, you've got to be prepared to stack off when you make a flush on the turn. There are plenty of worse hands and draws that will pay you off.

        One reason I don't like raising JTs in MP is that it's hard to play it out of position to a caller in the CO or on the button. A hand like JTs is so much more profitable in position, where you know exactly where you stand, and can control the pot size.
        That is to say, if you're in position, you can see if you have the direct odds to call with a draw, or see a villain's action first to decide if raising as a semi-bluff might be successful. When you're acting first, the villain has the chance to raise the pot, and also has the chance to fold (and not pay you off) when you make your hand. Playing in position is simply more profitable.
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