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Rivered top pair top kicker facing OB

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  • Rivered top pair top kicker facing OB

    Sorry, the hand wasn't played on PS hence the no replay.

    Villain didn't have a full stack (probably not a reg?) and I don't have any hands on him prior to the hand playing out.


    Hand Information
    2NL (6 handed).

    Table Information
    Seat: 1 seat 1 ($2) Small Blind
    Seat: 2 seat 2 ($1.77) Big Blind
    Seat: 3 seat 3 ($5.27)
    Seat: 4 Hero ($4.34)
    Seat: 5 seat 5 ($1.23)
    Seat: 6 seat 6 ($2.17) Dealer
    Dealt to Hero

    Preflop (Pot:0.03)
    seat 3    FOLD
    Hero    RAISE $0.05
    seat 5    FOLD
    seat 6    FOLD
    seat 1    FOLD
    seat 2    CALL

    Flop(Pot: $0.13)

    seat 2    CHECK
    Hero    BET $0.08
    seat 2    CALL

    Turn(Pot: $0.29)

    seat 2    CHECK
    Hero    CHECK

    River(Pot: $0.29)

    seat 2    BET $0.42
    Hero    ?????

    I guess he could have J9, a 6 or flushes but the overbet just looks so bluffy. I guess reads would be handy because some people bluff overbet and others value overbet.

    Gross spot
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    Without any reads, I'm leaning towards a fold. I think he's either doing this on a missed draw, a made flush, or a Queen. With no reads, I'm guessing he has the flush, and not the missed draw. So it's eaither a flush or a queen, and there's more flushes out there than queens...
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      Hi Birdayy,

      With no reads other than the less than full stack, I'd pay him off here. Sure we can get shown better hands, but it wouldn't surprise me to see KQ, QJ, or some random spazzes either.

      I'll apply some logic, which is a bit of a hit or miss proposition since we don't know if this villain thinks in a way that resembles sound poker logic or is even ranging us accurately. But the way the action goes, villain is probably putting us on AK or missed overcards a lot. If they had a monster like a flush, they'd probably bet smaller trying to get called by our weak range. This action looks like it doesn't want a call. So I'd disappoint him and make a note on what he played this way for future reference.
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        Hmmm ok.

        I just thought given the bad price that we would have to be right a large proportion of the time for this call to be profitable, hence leaning me towards a fold.

        Hopefully when this happens agaun i'll have a read (or at least some hands on the guy).



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