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25NL 6-max zoom: KQs on bb against aggro reg

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  • 25NL 6-max zoom: KQs on bb against aggro reg

    Hi, preflop: I am faced with a steal from a reg at 25NL with 28/25 with 67% cutoff steal (110 hands on him) and aggr. factor of around 4. I decide to defend by flatting and not re-open the betting with a 3-bet. flop: a good looking board for bluff catching against my opponents 82% c-bet. At this point I expect to have the best hand a good percentage of the time and I would be happy to call another bullet on the turn with my K high. turn: I turn the nut flush draw and my opponent keeps barrelling. I flat call once again with my K high and the flush to go with it. river: I river the nut flush and I again check to keep him barrelling his bluffs or to stack him with a check-jam, in case he holds an A. He overbets the river and when I come over the top he insta-folds the bluff. i. How should I adjust to such an aggro opponent in the long run? I doubt whether calling him down (playing the guessing game basically) is profitable if he is capable of 3-bet bluffing like that. In this spot for example I was prepared to call 2 streets with K high but I would have definitely folded to a river overbet like that. ii. Obviously any comments on my play/line of thought, on this specific hand are much appreciated. Thnx!!

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    A very interesting hand. I actually like how you played it pre and on the flop. Knowing your opponents tendencies and that he is likely on the steal I agree with calling down the flop, the two aces making it likely he doesn't have one, and on the turn as we pick up a nice draw. My problem here comes on the river. Why are you shoving over the top here? I know you have the nut flush but when you shove I feel like you can only be called by hands that are beating you. You seem to know you're good though and I have to agree that against such an opponent I would feel the same in this spot but I think it's just a call. Look forward to hearing what the hand analysers have to say on this one.

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      Hi f1n,

      Defending by flatting is fine here with KQs, as it plays well enough and he will have a lot of dominated hands in his range. That being said, 67% steal is crazyness, I would be 3-betting his cut off steals a lot, so no problem including hands like KQs in that mix as well since I would often be much lighter than this. Just don't fold to his open raise, KQs is way to strong to muck to a 67% steal.

      Post flop I don't like check-calling all the way down with just high cards, I bluff catch with pairs at least, and you don't have enough post flop read for it here. When you check-call the flop you can credibaly rep Ax on the turn, which is what I would do when I pick up the draw. Check-raise or donk out works, and if you decide to donk you have a nice stack size to bet/3b allin should he raise your lead. This line should look super strong and it's terribly hard for him to call off without at least a big ace, he should be folding hands as strong as KK to this action and maybe even weak aces depending on the player.
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