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Calling flop cbet Raise with overpairs and TPTK

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  • Calling flop cbet Raise with overpairs and TPTK

    Hi PSO-ers, I've noticed that I'm having some trouble with two situations lately. 1. When I have TPTK and my cbet gets raised. I guess I'm having difficulty identifying hand ranges according to the board texture whether its wet or dry. I end up calling the raise, and the turn, and giving up on the river and it's getting spewy. Here's an example: 2. When I have an overpair and my cbet gets raised. I know against passive players it would usually be a set but in general how would you proceed and what are your considerations on different board textures? Here's an example:

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    Hi Geo,

    In spots like this I think it's important to make your range assessment based on villain reads. Like you said, tight-passive players have a monster and you can usually fold directly on the flop. Barreling tendancies, wetness or dryness of the board, and so forth, all play into it.

    Start by having a plan for your hand, will it be profitable to commit and play for stacks or not? Review Commitment Decisions for more on this topic. Then enact your plan. As an example, against a hyper aggressive bluffer, you might believe it's profitable to commit only if he drives the action, so you might opt to continue to showdown with a passive line encouraging him to make his favorite mistake of bluffing too much. If you decide it's not profitable to commit, then just get out sooner rather than later. Calling to the river then folding is going to be a pretty big spew as a plan unless up against specifically a player who overvalues hands on the flop and turn but gives up on the river a lot (and when they don't give up you know you're beat for sure now).

    In both these hands you have back door nut draws on the flop so calling the flop raise is ok, but if not committed then in general just fold to the turn barrels. Also, if you're up against very aggressive villains, don't become a c-bet-bot, it's ok to check back some of these spots.... in particular when you feel like you can't get more than 2 streets of value anyway, and an aggressive action by the villain will threaten commitment in a spot you won't welcome it. If you're likely to only get 2 streets of value from worse it doesn't always have to be the flop and turn, it can be the flop and river, or turn and river as well. And checking back the goods sometimes will make you much harder to range in the future for thinking opponents.
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      Thanks Dave! I'll go through the video.



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