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25NL Zoom: Semi-bluff vs known villain

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  • 25NL Zoom: Semi-bluff vs known villain

    I have been introducing more moves like one into my game now that I am playing fewer tables. I am quite happy with how I played the hand, but would like to know what you think. Is this a sensible line, or am I asking for trouble?

    I have 700 hands on the villain. He is an aggessive zoom reg running 22/19/13 and has a 100% c-bet rate. This guy loves to 3-bet and I get the impression that he focuses on tight regs like me who normally fold to a 3-bet.

    Normally, I would fold JJ in this spot being oop. Here however I felt I was likely ahead of his range and decided to take advantage of his overly aggressive style. I assumed he would fold to a 4-bet. So, I called the 3-bet oop with the intention of taking the hand on the flop.

    The flop looked good, no ace. I estimated that I was still ahead. The villain did as his stats indicated and c-bet. I decided a mini-reraise was the best raise size for two reasons. Firstly, it looks like a tell of a strong hand. Secondly, I didn't think I needed to risk more to get the job done.

    Had he come over the top, I would probably have opted to cut my losses and folded rather than risk my stack on a bluff catcher. Had he flatted, I probably would have made another steal attempt on the turn.

    So, is this a good line against a known aggressive opponent, or am I missing something?

    All comments are welcome, thanks

    Roland GTX

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    Hi Greg,

    The line is fine given the read, but I c/r to more like 8 and would shut it down if he doesn't fold. If you haven't played back at him before he can reasonably just put you on AK and give up with worse. The min-reraise gives him some license to call 3.25 more in position and see what you do on the turn, but a bit extra makes that harder to do on these relative stacks. I do think with this hand strength you should consider bluff catching him sometimes as the c/r will simply get him to fold all worse hands and only continue with better. If his barreling frequency is high then check/call is pretty attractive, if it's not, then check/raising is ok.

    Also I would start 4-betting him more too, given the read. Ace blocker type hands are good candidates for this play back.
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