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10NL Zoom Set Raised (II)

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  • 10NL Zoom Set Raised (II)

    V was 37/24, AF: 1.0 over 95 hands. Flop FCB: 29%(7), Turn FCB: 0%(2) Since we held both Kings, it's unlikely that he had one. Max we can only get 2 streets of value, I decided they will be Turn and River, thus slowplayed the Flop. Also gives him a chance to bet with worse. OTR, I felt the 4 was a brick, raised his donkbet for value. Sick part was he jammed, really didn't expect it coming. I don't think we should be flatting the River with top set on this board texture, though it's a tough spot when he reraises. Never bluffing here. He could have slowplayed 2 pairs or a set, or rivered them. Should we give him credit for 52 or 75?

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    I quite like the check behind on the flop, as this flop is bone dry with only a couple of gutshots available. However, this villain apparently loves floating if his fold to c-bet is less than 30%. You might be able to get 3 streets of value. If he's that much of a calling station, then fire 3 barrels.
    I like your turn bet. It gets value from flush draws and random pairs. His river donk is pretty scary. In my experience, villains at these stakes have the (near) nuts when they donk out on the river for almost pot, especially if they have a low AF like this guy.
    While he could be bluffing with a missed flush draw (betting is the only way to win the pot if he has ace high or worse), he could have backdoored into a weird straight after turning a double bellybuster with 75. If he's bluffing there's no value to be gained by raising, as he's never calling.
    You're definitely ahead of most of his range (only 75 and the unlikely 52 beat you) but I'd be inclined to just call, precisely because I vomit all over myself if he shoves like in this spot. I'd call and pray he'd been slowplaying 99 and didn't suck out with 75, which I guess is what he showed up with this time.
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      He could have slowplayed 2 pairs or a set, or rivered them. Should we give him credit for 52 or 75?
      Not really. He will have it sometimes but we can't fold this hand.

      He had to have played the turn this way with 52 or 57 as well, which means he has to often have diamonds, and to have called preflop.

      It is just so muchmore likely he is overvaluing a hand like 44 or another set and this is the way we've played the hand (to achieve this very result). The flush didn't come in. We can't be reluctant to put the money in when everythin we wanted to happen happened, even if it suprises us that it did!

      I don't mind hte flop check-back. I think betting could be ok. There are still some hands like JT/QT/QJ that we don't want to freeroll and can value bet now as well as any pair and some villains will peel here with ace high. I would slowplay KK more readily on a texture like K72. Small difference maybe.

      River we have to call the shove, sometimes we are going to be beat but that is built into us geting the right price.


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        Thanks guys! Interesting discussion about betting the flop and perhaps getting 3 streets of value. Will do that against him the next time. Yea it's ironic I hoped to stack him off yet his raise looked so strong that I almost folded. My sets have been getting stacked off lately, maybe that's why I thought too much about this hand.

        He showed 44, and we take it down. Since he played 44 this way, I was thinking there's a possibility 52 and 75 would have done so OTT as well. Just a tiny part of his range I guess.



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