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5NL 6max, preflop action with AK

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  • 5NL 6max, preflop action with AK

    Hi, This is a zoom table so we are readless. Preflop play is my big weakness and in spots like this I always struggle to find the correct way to continue with the hand. My default line here would be to stack off if villain 1 shoves and fold if villain 4 shoves. Also if villain 1 makes a goofy smallish 4bet I am also folding (only ever seen this with AA in 5NL and 2NL)
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    So my questions are: 1) Is 3betting better than flatting in this spot? 2) What range would you put villain 1 on if he flats and if he shoves? 3) If utg villain shoves my assumption is that he has AA or KK is that a correct assumption without any reads? Any help would be very much appreciated! TommyGun

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    Ok, I messed up here a little bit. The stack size of utg villain would make it a very weird move to shove so what to do if he 4bets before me with the same size as I did and what to do if he 4bets to something like $2 when we cannot really expect any fold equity?


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      1) Flatting AK against an UTG raise is ok in my opinion. Readless we can assume he is playing standard (ie opening a tight range), so seeing a flop and reevaluating then is fine.

      2) Villain_1 could be squeezing with a pretty wide range, so as you said i'm fine getting it in / 4betting against him. It's just the original raiser which i'm worrying about.

      3) If Villain_4 flats the squeeze we are getting the right odds to call, though i'd tred carefully post flop. If he 4bets then we are in a tricky situation.

      His range for 4betting would likely be Js+ AKs+ so at best we are flipping. I'd probably fold in this situation and give him some respect.

      Once Villain_4 folds, flatting or folding isn't optimal, so I like the 4bet.

      Also, i'd probably make your 4bet sizing a little bit bigger, but giving his stack size he'd have to shove to play the hand, so that's no big deal. With all the dead money it's a snap call if he comes over the top.

      In summary I support most of your thoughts about the hand, but i'll leave it to a trainer to give a more in depth analysis.


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        Hi guys,

        I agree on most of what you both posted and I like your lines of thinking. I would also size your 4bet a little bigger since you are OOP against the squeezer.

        To answer OP's questions:

        1) flatting is fine but so is 3-betting if you think your average NL5 zoom villain will flat worse oop. If they flat enough worse oop and only 4bet better (QQ+) then 3bet/folding is fine. If you don't see all that happening too often flatting preflop might be better.

        2) since people will have a hard time putting you on a hand I think that they could potentially be calling or 5betting worse and hence I would call a shove for 100bbs after 4betting.

        3) again I would use my evaluation of average standards for that level and if you feel they dont shove light here you can still safely fold since you only invested a call of under 3bbs.
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