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preflop betting

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  • preflop betting

    10NL, 6max again. I'm UTG and the CO just sat down and posted the BB. I have two red Aces. Sweet.

    So a raise 32 cts (my usual is 27 cts, but I added a bit for the dead money). The HJ calls, and the CO raises to 1.08. Nice. The the BTN calls (he has a $20 big stack), the SB folds and the BB calls.

    Ok, nice. I have the aces and they're all putting money into the pot. There's only one thing I'm sure of: there's no way I can call here. Aces are nice, but not in a 5-way pot. So a reraise is the way to go.

    Standard reraise is about 3x the last raise plus a bit extra for everyone else in the pot. So that would make it about 3.25 + 3 little extras. So say about $4, leaving me with about $9 behind. If I get 1 caller, the pot will be $11.60 so I'll have a potsized bet left to shove the flop.

    Problem is, if the CO decided to come along, everyone else will be getting priced in to make the call. And since I already have 2 people flatting a pretty decent sized 3-bet, I'm not at all confident a raise to $4 is gonna do the job of getting rid of all but one.

    So the 4-bet needs to be bigger. How about $7? That's pretty hefty, but will leave me with less than my raise left. Plus, if I get one caller the flop is going to be $17. I'll have about $6 left to shove into that pot. Not sure I wanna do that, because I doubt he will fold. But do I want the 1 caller to fold if I shove the flop. Not really.

    In the end, I decide to just shove right here for $13. If one of them is going to call a $7 bet, he's going to call this too I'm thinking. Plus, it eliminates any chance of someone coming along with utter crap and sucking out.

    The old mantra - with pocket Aces you either win a small pot or loose a big one. I'd rather win a (relatively) small pot. In the end - I'd rather win this $4 pot than lose a big one. Especially since I know 99% certain I'm going to shove the flop or call if one of the others shoves into me.

    So, opinions.

    a] on my thought process regarding bet sizing
    b] on the final decision to shove
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    Hand replayer would be nice


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      I know, but no can do
      The Road to Fame and Fortune - Keeping track of my poker semi-career
      Keep up to date: @Ov3rsight


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        I'm not a huge fan of the shove. You know CO has a decent hand, as he 3-bet your UTG raise. If you 4-bet, I don't see a bunch of overcalls. If CO has AK, or KK-JJ, he wants to be heads up even more than you do. He'll 5-bet jam over your 4-bet, the button and BB will fold and you can then snap call and print money.
        4-betting to $4 commits you to stacking off pre-flop or on the flop. The various villains would have to have a weird selection of hands for them to all flat call a 4-bet by UTG! What on earth could the CO have that 3-bets, and then flats a 4-bet? By shoving, you give the villains a good reason to fold. By making a standard 4-bet, you give the CO especially the chance to make the BIG mistake of getting it in as an underdog.
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          Hi Ov3r,

          I agree with Arty, don't really like shoving for this big an overbet vs. a normal 4b size. You're only 150 bb's deep, at least one covers, and some don't, no one is "priced in" to call a 40bb 4-b from UTG with their big aces, pocket pairs, or suited connectors, but if someone chooses to that's fine. And this gives the CO the chance to 5b all in, which like Arty said is probably what will happen with a lot of is 3-betting range... it would be fairly fishy for him to flat and "try to hit a flop" for this much action.
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