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10NL Zoom Straight Raised

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  • 10NL Zoom Straight Raised

    Villain was 28/0, AF: 4.0 over 26 hands. Flop FCB: 50%(2) His line of check-call, check-raise 3x sure looks strong here. Got to have at least a King to do so. We have Ac, highly doubt he's doing so with a flush draw. He's passive, is it better to give him credit for turning a boat? We're only beating KQ here, losing to KJ, KT. Or since he's relatively unknown we should ship it?

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    Did you check how many tables he was playing? Was your day in profit? I know that my style of play is not liked, but post flop, with a possible flush, a 60% bet is to small at 10NL, same with the turn. He probably has AK or going for a flush also, so I don't mind dropping one, I think my straight is good. All-In PS. How are you doing lately? Did you drop down to 10NL? Good Luck umbup:


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      I agree to sandtrap - I think our straight is still good. He could have even K9s or K8s.


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        hi TANW,

        I agree with Trap on the flop bet sizing, don't keep defaulting to 2/3rds pot, but think about if sometimes a bigger or smaller c-bet is warranted. This hand is similar to another recent one I replied to by Roland GTX... the villains flop range is fairly well polarized by this board texture. What I mean is think about what his preflop limp/calling range is, and how that range interacts with this board texture. A lot of that range is either very weak now (A-rag, small pairs, etc) or very strong (2 pair, pair+draw, etc). Since we have the nuts, I think it's important to bet big on the flop for value as the strong hands are continuing for any bet size and the weak ones are likely folding to any bet size.

        On the turn I hate getting check-raised like this, I think we're in a tough spot here, but as he seems somewhat fishy from early stats I think we can see some worse hands like Q9, AK, KQ specifically taking this action, so I'm ok with going with it here.

        One thing though, I doubt this is ever a bluff. Therefore we should always ship it if we are going with it. If he's making this action with a worse made hand he is never folding to our ship, but the river card could be one he doesn't like and there's no reason to risk him giving up and not getting the last 4.60. Because we should never call this raise and then fold the river ourselves with this hand strength. So if we have to pay off all better hands on the river here then at least make absolutely sure we are getting paid by all worse hands by getting them in the middle right now. IF we thought he had lots of bluffs in his range then calling and letting him try a hopeless river bluff makes sense, but there's few, probably even no, bluffs here imo.
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