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10NL 6-max Zoom - calling 5b stop and go bad?

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  • 10NL 6-max Zoom - calling 5b stop and go bad?

    I get into trouble sometimes and here mixing up or confusing two concepts. 1) 4b sizing, from a recent 6-max training session, should be a bit more than 2 x but not as much 2.5 x - So at 170bb deep I get 5b by a 720bb stack then I'm thinking am I being pushed around and I can't stack off here so I call oop (STOP I could lose my stack here). 2) Stop and Go was something mentioned in early training today but the concept of being short stacked in a tourney? Anyway I was going to bet the flop here (GO and not calling a raise) and getting away with it cheaply. The only read I had on the villain (Red) = 6-max cash player opens for a raise never limps + 7 stacks from somewhere? So one for the hand analysis atrocious play or just had the heart? One day I will learn how not to get into a muddle.

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    With such a holding, I'll fold to a 5-bet easily, rarely see anyone 5bet without a premium unless he's a donk. It's not profitable to play against his range even if we flop an Ace. This hand I probably just check-fold since we missed badly. Most of the time he's gonna have AK, QQ, JJ. If I were to bluff I'll make it smaller like $2.50.

    I put him on QQ here to be folding to your donkbet. Love to hear from others


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      I have to agree with Awesome on this one
      Glad it worked for you, but the next 9 times you try it, don't count on it. Hope you have a huge bankroll for that kind of play.

      Good Luck


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        Thanks for the replies.

        I've been called a donk before and balancing bluffs (yes this is 1 in 100) when I have to put up with situations at 25NL >>like this<< with a strong hand.

        Anyway I agree it's bad calling pre but the point is why the villain is messing around with a click back 5b is that strong or just the chips to do it.

        I don't know what he puts me on but with AK am I going to stack off pre if he wants that why not raise more. I actually don't range him that strong and snap folded my lead.


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          hi Forrest,

          I agree with the other replies, if you think he's prone to 3-betting you light then 4-betting is a nice option, but it is a bluff and when he 5-bets I would expect him to be very strong here and be crushing A8, your bluff got caught so just fold. I'd need some pretty specific reads to try anything fancy here. He probably had QQ and puts you on AK when you donk this flop.

          I don't know what he puts me on but with AK am I going to stack off pre if he wants that why not raise more.
          I'm not sure it's profitable to stack off AK preflop here 170bb's deep, in fact without reads I doubt it is, 100bb's deep is fine but 170 I don't think so unless the villain is very spewy.
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