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10NL - b/f river line?

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  • 10NL - b/f river line?

    What's your line on this river taking into consideration that its a paired board? Villain 16/10/2 (91 hands) x/c, x/f, b/f?

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    You post some really interesting spots - like they're oftentimes similar to stuff I wonder about too?

    With this hand, gosh ... I dunno. I'm just here for the help too, so I guess we'll have to wait and see what the analyzers say

    Lately I've been entertaining the idea of avoiding playing flush draws (+ overs) with paired flops unless I'm in position and can see/prevent how big the pot is getting. What do people think of that?

    Then again, it's not always so great being in position either:

    I don't know ...
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      I think that his range consists of PPs 77 to TT to be calling 2 streets. If he turned a flush with 2 overcards, he would have raised. If not, he could be floating OTF and calling the Turn with a FD. Or he could have turned the nut flush AJ, AT slowplaying.

      I'm not too sure either. OTR, I'm probably going to check-fold. We're behind Ah Kh, winning Jh Th 7h 3h 2h. Because he's tight and perhaps passive, he'll only bet better flushes here. I don't think he'll call with worse flushes if we bet too.


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        hi geo,

        I would check the river, and call a reasonable sized bet, fold to a large bet. "Reasonable" probably being like 3.50 or less. I don't like betting because I just don't see how we can expect to be called by worse. This guy is pretty tight for 6m so I don't expect him to be in there at the river with tons of weak hands, nor paying off light. I guess best case scenario for us in betting is TT or JJ with the single heart but a river bet isn't really good for value as there's not much worse he can have that he'll call with, and definitely not a bluff as he won't fold better, so don't bet. x/c or x/f is too early to predict, I mean if we intended to x/f and he then bet .75c or something silly we'd think about calling him right? If we inteded to x/c and he shoved for all $7.60 we'd have to give serious thought to folding now right? So x and see what he does, certainly I'm willing to call some bet here but not a big bet from a tight player on this board.
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          I'd check-call anything up to about $2.50 on the river (folding to more) as it's only JJ-TT and 77 that we beat.
          I think I prefer a slightly larger bet on the turn though, as we've made our flush but cannot improve further. I'm not sure if this villain would have flatted pre on the button with offsuit Broadways like AQ/KJ and then floated the flop, but if he did, then we want to charge him a premium for drawing to 7 outs. As perverse as it sounds, a bigger turn bet makes it easier to check-fold the river, as he's probably only calling a PSB on the turn with either a hand that already beats us or he has the nut flush draw.
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