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10nl fr zoom AQ vs utg+1 tough river spot

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  • 10nl fr zoom AQ vs utg+1 tough river spot

    PF : I don't think 3Bing is that good here w/o any reads vs utg+1 so I opted to call

    flop : decided to ck/call since he'll be cbeting almost everything

    turn : once he bets again on the turn I'll put him on 3s,7s,KQ, AQ,KK,AA and some backdoor clubs like A7-Aj maybe even 99-JJ so again I opted to just call.

    river : pretty bad card on the river.Now he drew out on us with KQ AKclubs but at the same time its a good card to bluff at so I opted to ck/call again depending on the bet size.
    He made it 3/4 pot in under 2 seconds and I decided to fold.

    Could I have taken another line here? like ck/r turn for ex and is he capable of bluffing river like this or throw me off a split?

    PS : no stats/reads on this guy

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    hi dysiclawl,

    Check-raising at any point readless is not going to be a good line here imo, the villain is opening in EP and barrelling a dry board, I think your line is best. If you check/raise you will only fold out his worse hands/bluffs and get action from better hands. He might even be disciplined enough to fold KQ to a check/raise, without reads we just don't know, but his range is probably pretty strong here.

    On the river when you check and he bets again and with this sizing, I think letting your hand go is good. You're only beating a bluff at this point. You're asking if he's capable of bluffing this river but you've already answered the question... we have no idea. He could have bluffs, basically clubs that missed, but we're kind of hoping for AcJc then or maybe AcTc, which he c-bet with air and then picked up the draw. Club combos with a Q are possible too, but it's hard to see an EP guy raising QJc without reads. You could consider a blocking bet on the river to prevent from being bluffed, but that still probably only folds our worse and gets called by better. I think your line is fine here readless.
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