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2NL 125k hands played still losing

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  • 2NL 125k hands played still losing


    I am playing poker for 1 year in zoom 2nl 6max and i played almost 125k hands still i am losing at 3.5bb/100. Please help me improving here are my stats...

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    Drop Zoom for a month and concentrate on reads, and adjusting your play to your opponents. At this level however mosyt of you winning poker will come from ABC TAG poker nothing fancy is needed.

    Grade b
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      Hi Amy,

      grade b is giving sound advice here. Since you played a ton of hands at zoom and still did not manage to turn a profit I think you should start working on the basis of your game at the regular tables first.

      Zoom poker requires a rather mechanical approach and a fundamentally solid game that does not allow for bigger mistakes to be made since they can exponentially increase your losses when you run such high volumes. Zoom also has a highly different game dynamic with ranges being tighter/more solid which makes it a little tougher to extract money.

      Regarding your stats: It is kind of tough to read anything into those general ones since your leaks could lie in more detailed areas of stuff that you cannot really see here - like hand selection, betsizing, opponent-specific lines etc.

      From what I can tell is that your Won$@SD is very low which indicates that you are taking too weak hands to showdown on average. This can be a huge issue especially in Zoom poker where people's hand strength will be a lot stronger on average both pre- and postflop.

      I would advise you to start posting a few of your hands here in the hand analysis forum. This is where we can all help you out best trying to figure out potential mistakes, leaks or misconceptions.

      Try mixing it up well with hands where you actually think you played them fine (to check with thoughts of other players) and of course hands that you are absolutely unsure of.

      Hope I could help you a little even though there wasn't really much to conclude from your stats.
      Live Trainer


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        I played about 100,000 hands of 2nl Zoom and had a winrate of around something like 6bb/100, so I can elaborate on the stuff grade b and Felix said with some comparative data.

        I can't access my full PT4 database right now, because HUD stopped working for Zoom after the latest PokerStars update, and the solution Poker Tracker recommended caused it to fail on several other levels, including database access ... uggghhhh ... I'm tempted to use the red smilie, but it scares me, so I'll use this one instead ->

        But, I had 30,000 hands of 2nl zoom in my old HUD (PT3), and was able to compare my stats with yours, and the only spot that seemed substantially different were these?

        I guess the big difference seems to be in the 'Bet/Raised/Check-Raised column to the left?' Where both my 'W w/o SD' and 'W$SD' are higher? So ... hope this read of the stats is right? It looks like ...

        1) 'W w/o SD': When you're betting, people aren't folding as often? And,

        2) 'W$SD': You're betting with 2nd best hand, on all streets, but especially on the river - which is a big leak because the pot's much larger at this point?

        And if so, like Grade b said, that seems to point to hand reading and ranging opponents as perhaps an area to focus on? And like Felix said, the best way to make improvements might be to post hands you aren't sure about?

        That's the sort of stuff that helped me improve And there's that Time Vault Challenge going on right now, where people'll stop into your thread and give you feedback, and you can win prizes and stuff just for posting. Here's the link to the thread that has the info in the sticky at the top, with all our entries down below. It'd be great to have another zoom player sign up for the promotion - hope to see you there!!
        Last edited by TrustySam; Sat Jan 19, 2013, 06:10 PM. Reason: ooops ... forgot to add the link! :D



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