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10NL - Trips in 4bet pot

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  • 10NL - Trips in 4bet pot

    Villain is 18/16/3 11% 3bet (333 hands) Any other line besides shipping turn?

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    In my opinion we're well ahead of a large part of our opponents range, only really behind pocket jacks and an unlikely KJ. With the second heart on the turn there is also a flush draw but this wouldn't worry me too much and I don't think there are too many river cards that I would hate, if any. I'd check and give my opponent some rope, keeping bluffs in their range. We can always bet the river if he checks back the turn in order to try and extract more value from the hand. If we go ahead and ship the turn straight away and hoping for a call we are reducing our opponents range quite substantially as there are very few hands that can call that we're ahead of.

    i.e. pocket jacks and KJ are a larger percentage of this calling range than his betting into us range.

    I hope you can see my thought process and how I came to this opinion. Would like to hear others thoughts.

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      I agree with Fadyen. Given the board, I'm willing to go all in with trips. OTT, we have less than a pot size stack left. I like to check here. By doing so, it looks like we cbet flop for the sake of cbetting when we actually missed. It can induce him to make mistakes like betting the Turn with QQ.

      If he checks, we still have one more street to get the $$ in


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        Good analysis by Fadyen, dont have much more to add.

        In a 4bet pot you only need 2 streets to get the money in and since your opponent has position on you it might be a good idea to induce letting him make use of it by either checking flop or turn.

        Although people tend to get very suspicious on paired boards anyway I think its better to leave them more room here.
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          I guess no matter how it got played, the money was getting in here!
          He had JJ. I needed to make sure that was just a cold hand for me.



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