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A good play?? or lucky?

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  • A good play?? or lucky?

    Hello, here are the hand:

    Good play or lucky??
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    I don't like your flat call with AKs out of position. I'd always 3bet this to take the betting lead and build a pot with a premium holding.

    Secondly, because you didn't 3bet pre, you donk bet the flop.

    If you check to the preflop aggressor he usually cbets most of his range. However, if you bet out, you miss that bet and value. Also, if the preflop aggressor has a worse hand, he gets to raise and put his money in faster.

    The line he took really looks like he has one heart and is waiting to hit. If we take this assumption you should bet BIG on the turn (almost pot size) so he won't get the right price to see the river and bink the heart.

    Apart from that it's pretty standard value betting. You didn't get lucky per se because AKs will be ahead of of his range preflop, and you took down the pot anyway.

    I'll wait for an instructor to chime in but those are my thoughts on the hand
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        I agree with birdayy, with a 73 bb stack I would 3-bet AKs for value pre and be prepared to get it in if the villain 4-bets. As played I also like giving them a chance to continuation bet the flop since heads up in position I think they will more often than not (we have been given no reads, but if we had a read this player doesn't c-bet often then leading out is preferable imo).

        Going for 3 streets of value with the villain just calling along here is good as well.
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          You mention the short stack sizes; which favours big cards as lower implied odds? Without any further reads, would you still 3bet with, say, 200bb stacks & prepare to go all-in or does there come a point when it's better to call & play post-flop with such large stacks?



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