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25NL Set Raised

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  • 25NL Set Raised

    Villain's 21/18, AF: 17.0 over 128 hands. Flop FCB: 0%(2), Flop raise CB: 100%(2) Aggro stats. He had stacked off TPTK OTF previously and my set won. He flat my 3x raise OTT. OTR, check/raise shove. Does his line look like he had a draw OTT and hit it OTR? Should I be worried about 65 and backdoor flush which hit?

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    He always has a flush here. He's never bluffing, 65 would get it in on the turn, sets would either bet bigger and also possibly gets it in on turn and he would never turn them into a bluff on the river or try to go for super thin value.

    Theres 0% chance u have him beat here. Even at 100 and 200NL regs don't bluffraise rivers almost ever even in HUNL. It's nothing you should worry about. They always have it lol, no joke.


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      Hi TANW,

      The way this multi-way pot played out you have no reason to believe he hasn't got the flush. You have shown plenty of strength on the turn and river and he could only be raising on this river card for value.

      As far as the sets n str8s go, I would tend to believe that they would get it in on the turn and even if they didn't, they would never check raise this river; check-call would be the way to go for those hands.

      Welcome to the forum Adrien. Good to have another experienced player around


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        Absoluteley agree with what the posters before me said and I don't have much to add.

        There is only a few combos of hands that he would get to the river with after your turnraise that a) would need to bluff (like nonheart T9) or b) would get turned into a bluff on purpose by a 25NL reg given that your perceived range looks so strong in what used to be a multiway pot.
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          Thanks guys you were all right. He hit his backdoor flush JT. Another big leak of mine not being able to fold sets!



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