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10NL - KK in deepstack situation

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  • 10NL - KK in deepstack situation

    Effective stack: 185 bbs Do we have to worry more about AA when our opponent is playing for deep stack? Or was this a standard line here? I make a big-esh 4bet here to get as much money in the pot considering stack sizes. I hardly doubt we are ever folding here right?

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    Get it in, take a note AFTER and if in a similar spot, use the info you gather


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      Hi geo,

      I think the key thing here isn't whether or not to fold to the 5b, it's to know what you plan to do to such a 5b before you make this large 4b. This guy has got a hand, he's 3-betting from out of position vs. THREE opponents who have shown an interest in contesting the pot. And he's chosen a sizing that is not likely to squeeze everyone out. And he's very deep effective with the UTG raiser and 2nd cold caller and will be playing out of position vs anyone who continues. I rate him to be very strong here in the absence of other reads.

      To answer your question, I would never 4b to 50bb's on 185 effective and then fold KK to a 5b. But I'm not excited about putting ourselvse in this spot in the first place. I would generally consider flatting an unknown on this depth of money (flatting their 3b) and playing the pot in position against his entire 3-betting range rather than making a huge 4b that will fold out hands like TT/JJ/AQ for sure, and maybe sometimes QQ or AK depending on the player. I mean if he's going to routinely stack off this deep pre with AK and JJ (and there are plenty that will) then by all means make the 4b and comfortably get it in, but that would be a read we don't have.
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        Hi Dave, no we are never 4betting then folding ofcourse
        What worries me about flatting here is that we might get more calls from the players behind; would this not be worse for our KK?



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