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10NL - playing pocket pairs BvB

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  • 10NL - playing pocket pairs BvB

    Hello trainers, I'm a bit confused about playing PPs in 3bet pots specifically BvB; here's one of those spots Villain is 23/21/6 (only 39 hands) 14% 3bet (14 hands) I decided to call the 3bet OOP with my 77 - should this be a fold (I'm usually folding 22-66; caling with 77-TT)? What hands would check back turn and bet river? We are only winning against bluffs, can we suspect any bluffs with the line villain took?

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    First of all - what is his range?

    Do you think he is polarized to big pairs and air? or mostly depolarized?

    BvB I like 4bet shoving all pairs and AK


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      Hi geo,

      This is a tough spot to call pre. 77 doesn't play well out of position without the initiative. The depth of money is nice, we are calling .60 with a max potential win of 14.80 so over 24-1 implied odds, but this doesn't seem like a good candidate villain to give that up too often when we do flop a set (just having the money behind isn't the whole picture, he's got to give it up a reasonable amount when we get there too).

      I don't like 4b shoving here, it's way too big an overbet and will fold out all worse hands and only get action from basically AK and big pairs which is not a good equity situation for 77. If we think he's 3-betting a solid range of hands I would either fold, or sometimes call with the intent of turning my hand into a bluff on some board textures. If he's 3-betting wide blind v blind I'm inclined to turn that back on him and 4b, but would actually fold to the rare 5b shove from a TAG 10NL villain. The stats are wayyyy too small a sample to determine his 3b range though, so if you've been tight in steal spots then just fold, and if you've been aggro in similar spots then he might be light a bit more often and you can consider re-hitting it.

      As to the river question, I'd fold. I don't think he's bluffing with this line because the Q is actually a very good barrel card for air on the turn but he's chosen not to barrel it and checked back. Why? Most likely because he's got some showdown value. Hands like AQ or KQ fit the bill, as do 88-JJ (and of course QQ-AA getting tricky). When you check to him again he can (should be able to) narrow your range as played to small pairs and can actually thin value bet hands like 99 or anything better, which his bet sizing looks a lot like to me, a thin value bet with a better 1 pair hand.
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