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5nl zoom 6max - AQo oop against a TAG reg ... when/how much to bet?

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  • 5nl zoom 6max - AQo oop against a TAG reg ... when/how much to bet?

    Guess the instructions for posting these hands for HA ask us to remove the showdown results, in case they inadvertently compromise the analysis. So I thought I'd give following the rules a try for a change ... Here's the villain's stats - he's a reg, but I don't recall any hands we've played against each other that were particularly noteworthy in any way. His 3-betting is all coming from the blinds into button raisers, so there wasn't anything to his high 3bet stat, or his lack of one from the button this time. If this seems like a really straightforward question about a really standard spot, that's because I think it is. The reason I'm asking is because my Leak Buster program's been telling me for the longest time that I'm double-barrelling way too often, and for too much - so I was just interested in hearing how most others are playing TPTK oop? Thanks so much for the help!! Very much appreciated!!
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    Hey, Felix ... you have to see this person's avi! They're playing 5nl zoom *right now*

    Is this just a lookalike? Is somebody using your picture as their avi?? Do you have a twin?


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      Bet the turn. Charge draws and charge weaker Aces. bet bigger on the flop and the turn, there is no need to worry about being balanced here.


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        Hi Sam,

        Paul_201 is a buddy of mine and he is having a ton of fun using that avatar .

        Regarding your hand: I agree with acombfosho here. I would bet a little more OTF (.3) and definitely bet the turn. In addition to missing out on value being oop here can also make it tough to play the hand with a turncheck. If villain then proceeds to bet turn and river it is going to be tough to determine whether you can profitably call.

        Since you only have a really small sample of hands on him and he seems fairly tight it is hard to tell if there is any merit in taking an approach that deviates from a good standard value line with TPGK.
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          Oh ... haha!! Awww ... I noticed he was German, so thought maybe he really identified with your story or something and was using your pic for inspiration, etc. And he was doing well too! And hey, Acombfosho ... thought I recognized your name - nice to see you back frequenting the boards! You made a real impact on all of us with quite possibly the best 2nd post ever at PSO! Felix, remember commenting in this thread? My computer crashed a couple of months after that, and I lost the bookmark to that thread, so it's great to have been able to find it again - some great tips I picked up looking it over a second time. Nice to see you're going to be participating in the Time Vault Challenge - really looking forward to reading more of your stuff on your game! umbup: As for the hand ... okay, lol - that'd be my usual line, to bet the turn, so it's unanimous. I'm thinking maybe I misunderstood the feedback from my LeakBuster program, and when it cautioned me against double-barreling, they didn't mean cbetting for value. Probably they meant I shouldn't be cbetting the turn with air? Honestly, I haven't looked through my PokerTracker database, so maybe I jumped the gun a little by posting this hand. Just wasn't sure because the villain called, and the board paired on the turn. Which is about as standard a spot as you ever really get, eh? Like, personally I only seem to get the absolute nuts about maybe every ... 7,500 hands or so? And so the rest of the time, there's always that question of where our hand stands in relation to the villain's? Okay, that's great to hear that a turn bet would have been fine - ty ty!! Guess that means I just have to put in the time and look over my hand histories to see what form my turn leaks are taking



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