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2 NL FR Zoom KK

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  • 2 NL FR Zoom KK

    This hand happened late Friday night in Europe, the villain is from Hungary, thats all the reads I have . What do you think they have and what should I do ?

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    Hi Rex,

    On the flop when he donks for .10c into .39 my first thought is 1 pair hand trying to gauge where he's at. If he flopped super strong like a set most players check to the preflop 3-bettor and let you continue with the lead and c-bet. Since he opened UTG it's hard to see him with too many 9x hands, so my gut feeling there is a pocket pair, maybe an overpair or maybe not. I like your raise, as I don't think he's releasing a pp yet, especially an overpair. I'd size it a bit bigger though, maybe .50c straight for value. Interstingly, he clicks it back and min-3bets. His line makes no sense, this really looks like someone playing irrationally or just trying to "see where they're at" as cheap as possible. The good news is we are ahead of basically all of that range. AA is still possible, it doesn't make a lot of sense but so far his whole flop line doesn't, so can't rule aces out. Over all though I feel like we're in good shape at this point.

    Given that he seems to be spazzing a bit, I think I would actually come back over the top of him here but do so small, leaving him room to complete the spazzing process. Like .90 to go. If he calls this (not sure how he could fold any of his worse made hands for only .40c more after taking this bet small/3b min line), there'll be 2.20 in the pot and only 1.49 left to bet so you can get the rest in on the turn, or he'll simply 5b ship which is ideal if he's got TT-QQ since we get those in before any scary cards come off. Note that if he does have TT-QQ I would expect him to call off to a 4b shove by us, but the smaller 4b gives him room to do something silly and lose his mind the rest of the way if he's just spazzing with a hand like AK or a smaller pair.

    If he ends up showing us AA or a set, we'll make a note and have reads next time. His line thus far is weird enough that I think it's profitable to get in here as I don't see this guy being able to lay down an overpair and I think he has some spazz factor with worse as well, as long as we leave him the room to spazz.
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      Thanks Dave, this is what happened.



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