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10NL - QTo calling from BB and facing 3 barrels

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  • 10NL - QTo calling from BB and facing 3 barrels

    Initial raiser is a fish 33/18/1, SB is unknown and I decide to call 10 cents more with pot odds of 5:1 and a chance to play with the fish. What do you think of the prelop call? What do you range our opponent donk bet? I call the flop with TP thinking I woud fold to later aggression and continue on turns such as a J, T, 8, 7. but when the turn brings another 9 I think the same hands that donk bet the flop will continue to bet on the turn which include all his semi-draws. On the river though, this is a situation where we are bluff catching imo. Do you think calling here is profitable?

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    Hi geo,

    I don't like calling in spots like this preflop. Pot odds of 5-1 are a bit deceptive, there is so much more money left to play post flop. And QTo doesn't play well post flop in 3 way pot and out of position vs. the raiser.

    Actually, it gets us into a lot of spots just like this. I'm between calling and folding on the flop but if the guy barrels frequently when he takes the betting lead then I'm just folding now since I'm not preparted to call down and play a big pot with top pair no kicker (but we don't know that, no reads).

    On the turn I just can't see anything we're beating. Qx that is taking this line mostly has us outkicked, and if he was stabbing with 9x he got there. If he was semi-bluffing a draw on the flop this turn card may well slow him down but it hasn't. We have little chance to improve our hand (2 outs that we really like) and a very good chance a big river bet is coming. Time to cut our losses and fold at this point imo.
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