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NL2FR Hero raises pre-flop AKs, villain 3bet

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  • NL2FR Hero raises pre-flop AKs, villain 3bet

    No reads, I was just seated at the table.

    NL2 full ring 9 seated
    4 limpers
    Hero (4$) on CO with AKs raises to .10
    Button (1.40$) raises to .30
    everyone folds

    Here I'm a bit confused as I used to play lots of SSS and as such I tend to shove out of habit in these conditions, point is, I don't play SSS anymore, I play deep stack...

    What would be better played here? 4bet? Or maybe flat and see what's on offer on the flop?

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    Hi power,

    Thanks for posting a couple hands, please continue to post more! But also please post the entire hand history at least if you're not using the replayer, so we can see all the player stacks involved, etc.

    In this hand I am inclined to raise more than 5x since there are 4 weak limpers, probably more like .15c here imo. The button is starting with a 70bb stack so is probably somewhat fishy as this is a very odd stack size to be sitting, so my inclination is to 4b him with AKs and just go with it. Since any reasonable 4b would be to more than half his stack, shoving is fine imo. If he's fishy he'll be calling with enough worse hands to make this profitable, and folding sometimes as well.

    Not really a fan of flatting here as we sort of force ourselves to hit the flop, which means when we check-fold we don't get to realize all of our equity since we don't see the turn and river. And it creates an awkward stack size with .60c in the pot and 1.10 effective behind.
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      I did write 4 limpers and then everyone fold as the 4 limpers all folded and the action was only in between me and the raiser, of which I indicated the stash, but I must admit that could've been confusing, you have my apologies, I will remember to better post my hands.

      Also, many thanks for your reply.



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