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25NL Zoom 15 Outs Play

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  • 25NL Zoom 15 Outs Play

    Villain is 43/22, AF: 6 over 60 hands. Flop FCB: 40%(5), Flop raise CB: 40%(5), Flop donkbet: 38%(8) Kind of loose-aggressive stats. Initially hoped to get it all in on the flop since we had highest equity there. Turns out he flat my reraise. By flatting, I think he could have a hand like 2 pairs, straight draw or flush draw as well. If we fire again OTT, is there any fold equity? Can we fold out 1 and 2 pairs type of hand? I flat his turn bet given the direct pot odds. Is there any way this hand can be played better, like bet-sizing, line to take, etc?

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    Hi TANW,

    If you want to get all in on the flop then you'll just have to shove over his raise. It's actually not that bad since your equtiy rates to be good enough if called and you can get some better hands to fold for sure.

    As played you absolutely have to bet the turn imo, when you check your hand looks like exactly what it is, a draw. We certainly have fold equity as our line looks really strong. What would you do with QQ for instance on this wet board? Probably (hopefully) just what you did on the flop, but you would never check/call a blank turn, you'd fire again for value most likely.

    An interesting alternative with a hand like QQ vs. a very aggressive opponent like this is to check-raise all in on the turn, since they will so often pick up the betting lead when you check to them. This also looks super strong imo. I think you see where I'm going with this.

    I think these 15 out hands are ideal for semi-bluffing strongly. so I'd say 3b all in on the flop, 3b flop to about $4-$4.50**, lead turn smallish for maybe $5 and then if called again, shove river, or 3b as you did then check-raise all in on the turn.

    **your flop 3b sizing is too big imo, you were hoping to induce a 4b but this raise sizing should scare him off that a fair amount of the time. If you 3b smaler like to $4.25 it leaves him more room to 4b wider as well as sets up a better pot size for your turn and river actions to leverage fold equity later in the hand.
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      check calling the turn saved u 14.63 . he had K crap and was never folding it



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