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QQ on a Axx flop

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  • QQ on a Axx flop

    Hi, How is it the best to play QQ against a flop that has an A? I think maybe I was a bit too agressive here. How would you have played this hand? Thanks.
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    I think this is fine kraxx0r, if you were OOP you could check behind as you would have more information when you act on the turn. However OOP I don't want to check and let a free card peel. Alternatively if you check and he bets then what, does he have top pair or is he stabbing at the pot? :S

    Leading is definately best, winning a small pot is better than losing a big one

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      Hi kraxx,

      I would actually consider checking here. I agree with Oliver in general but in this case we don't have to worry about what to do if he bets, as we have just less than a pot sized bet left in our stack. I'm not folding ever here with this small a stack so what's the best way to get the money in, betting or check/calling? The flop is totally dry, if we shove it seems like we are very unlikely to be called by worse hands, but obviously he's never folding an ace. If we check though we might be able to induce a bluff from broadways or get small pairs to put us in (or hero call us later), so I think we gain more EV checking here simply because of the board texture and stack sizes.
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        Why did you start the hand with only 34c? I'm not wholly against playing a short stack strategy, with something like 80c (which I think is the minimum buy-in for 2NL) but use auto-top-up so you always have at least that amount. Anything less means you're playing push/fold and will find it impossible to make money, as you'll basically only be playing TT+, AK.
        You'll never learn how to maximise profits with superior play if all your decisions are made pre-flop or on the flop. The best winrates come from winning big stacks against calling stations post-flop.

        As played, I check this flop. You're not often getting called by worse if you bet it, but villain might catch a pair worse than a Q if he checks the flop, so you can shove the turn.
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