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Raising a limp/caller in position, 2nl.

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  • Raising a limp/caller in position, 2nl.

    This hand was against the same player who 5 hands previously I had raised the river big with Tens Full, after raising his sb limp into my TT BB to 4x, cbetting my flopped boat to his flop check oop, just calling his small turn lead, and then raising big vs his small river lead. -He won the intervening 4 hands, appearing to be aggressively tilting, calling an utg1 20bb ai preflop open-shove from the CO w 53o and sucking out on both QJo and K7s. In this hand the CO limper was newish to the table and had been showing down less than stellar holdings...Did I just get lucky raising 65o from the BB vs CO and sb limps, or should I be trying to play as many pots as possible in position vs the sb opponent?
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    Hi rule,

    IMO, you got lucky, raising here with garbage is a spew. With the guy on tilt you want to be raising him with hands that make stronger pairs than 6's or 5's, since he's going to tilt in with weaker hands. If the turn in this hand was the 2c instead of the 6, are you calling his overbet shove? I don't think you profitably can and I'm certain you don't want to be in that position, yet this is exactly the type of spot you'll routinely be putting yourself in with this type of starting hand vs. this type of villain. Your hand derives much of it's post flop value from the ability to bluff and semi-bluff leveraging fold equity, but it's clear that folding is not the first order of business for this villain now.

    You also ask if you should be playing as many pots as possible in position vs. this guy, and the answer is sort of... I mean yes but it's important how we define "as many as possible" because in a technical sense if you play 100% of them then you are just spewing and removing much of your edge against him... but certainly we want to widen our range, quite a bit even, and hands that might not normally be profitable become so. Note in this hand you are going to see a flop in position with him already... but bloating the pot preflop with 6 high I don't think is good since it sets up bigger post flop bets which puts us in so many spots were we fold off the money (because we have 6 high) or we are in a marginal situation (bottom pair) and don't know what to do against the tilter.
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      I don't think I even play this hand if it's suited. Against LAGs and tilted fish, you want BIG cards, as making top pair is effectively the nuts against them. 65 almost never makes top pair. Do you really want to call down with middle or bottom pair? The maniac will have a good hand some of the time. On average, he'll have a better hand than 65 for sure. A hand like K9 or Q8s or J9s (basically any two cards higher than 8) would be a far preferable call than 65 in this situation.
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