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2nl6max, TT. Do you think I lost value?

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  • 2nl6max, TT. Do you think I lost value?

    This hand was our 15th hand together: he sat-out the 1st and 11th-13th hands. -His 1st hand playing he posted out of the BB utg for 80bb,check/calling my AJcc bttn 5x, 4 handed with the same opponent I had stacked twice already in the sb and a new player posting in the BB-the new BB called by bttn raise too. On K72r, I cbet 8.5bb into 15.5bb and got min raised by the new BB, both me and this opponent folded. -He liked to limp, limp/calling sb vs my KQo BB 4x raise and folding to my cbet of 5bb into 8bb on AT2cc. -He limp/called sb vs my QQ BB 4x. On Td93rKd7, flop, he donked 2bb into 8bb, something he hadn't done yet, I raised to 7bb, he called. turn, he check/raised my bet of 10.5bb into 22bb to 21bb, I called. river, he open-shoved ai for 37.5bb into 64bb and I folded, showing him my QQ. He then sat-out for the 11th through the 13th hands. -I also saw him min/raise utg w/ 76cc, getting called by the bttn w/ 96o and the BB, and on 933ss63, flop, cbet/calling 4bb into 6.5bb vs the bttn's raise to 8bb. turn, check/calling 4bb into 22.5bb. river, lead/calling 4bb into 30.5bb vs the bttn's raise to 8bb. Are you playing TT this way versus this opponent?
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    Hi rule,

    In a nutshell, no not quite. You've been relentlessly attacking him. He's shown a willingness to play back at you aggressively (presumably when he's got something) and you showed him you can lay a hand down by fold and showing the QQ. So in this hand we hit a monster, if he shows any interest in getting aggressive at all we should be trying to structure the betting to get his stack in by the river.

    So preflop and flop are fine obviously. On the turn I would raise him when he donks. He's setting a cheap price to see the river betting .10 into .36 and you let him, why? He's probably got a weak king or a draw, but it's highly unlikely he'll fold either to a raise, so I'd make it like .50c or so here. That also gives him room to stay aggressive if he want's and reraise. And it puts 1.36 in the pot leaving him with 1.45 behind, so basically a pot sized bet on the river. I also don't like your river raise sizing. 1.44 over a lead of .18c is a huge raise, if he's willing to pay it he'll pay the last .41c as well so either make a smaller raise that will get called by weak pairs or simply shove. Given the dynamic here I prefer going for the home run and shoving.
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      This guy is a donator. When you make a monster you want to punish him to the max. Raise the flop, raise the turn, shove the river. Easy game.
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