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bad turn lead? 2nl6max

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  • bad turn lead? 2nl6max

    played a little last night and thought i would post the big pots from this roughly 45 hand session. This hand was my 11th vs this opponent. Some info on the opponent: -Of the previous 10 hands 8 of the were HU. I had won 6 of the 8 heads-up hands. He was playing too tight. I stole his BB with the best hand twice and he folded his bttn twice over the first seven hands. -The 1st time we got to showdown: HU he raised 3x bttn w/ A5ss and I called in BB w/ 87dd, on 6dTd337, the hand checked to showdown and I won. -The 2nd time we got to showdown was our 9th together and for the first time play was 3 handed: 3handed I raised 3x bttn w/ 76o and he clled sb w/ Q9cc, on 8c3d5cKd5 the hand checked to river and he won. I won the money, but I wonder, is my turn lead optimal?
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    Hi rule,

    given the description of villain it seems like he is very passive postflop and checksdown hands while not bluffing too much.

    That being said I actually like your turnlead since villain might checkback a scared Ax because of the flush getting there.

    Now that he raises I feel we may be beat here some of the time, but then again he might be shoving his short rest in on 2 pair or a set too, so calling seems fine given the odds.
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