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NL5FR AKo utg BB 3 bets

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  • NL5FR AKo utg BB 3 bets

    A few weaks ago i heards somone say on twitter that utg is the new button, not sure if being serious but i kno what they ment especialy in tourneys a raise form utg looks so strong you can take advantage and pick up blinds also.

    Anyway iv notised this happening alot to me in cash games, too much that it dunt make sense, maybe im just being unlucky. i tested this guy out here and this happend again , i 3 bet *4 coz am UTG, and bb 3 bets, i had no reads new table and sprety sure villain had no reads on me.

    my 4 bet is a bit small,(maybe bad but enuff i think to find out what i want to know) but coz i raised *4 and villain pots the pot is already quite big and 1.04 is my usuall 4 bet amount anyway, the reason i 4 bet aswell is becouse i just wanna find out of curiosity if he has AA, coz surely i look strong here, he calls so i kno he hasnt AA so fire down a c bet on a Q high board and villain shoves and i fold.

    Is this a new trend or somthing tho, to 3 bet the UTG raiser form BB, or im i just been unlucky? people just seem to 3 bet there BB coz there in the BB they dont want to fold, not even sure if some of these realise that an UTG raise is strong.!


    P.s im still not geting an email when i get a relpy, who is it i was told to contact again, pokerstars suport?

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    Hi Taxed,

    I certainly don't like min 4-betting as it gives him a chance to take a shot at the rest of our stack. We don't have to 4-b a huge amount but the min is just too small... something like $1.55 is good here I think, planning to get it in to a 5b as we're only 100bb's deep.

    Or just call his 3b in position, planning to get it in on any flop we connect with. I generally prefer 4b/get it in here.

    As played def. fold to his check-raise jam imo.

    Sorry I have no idea about the p.s. part.
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