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2NL - JJ vs. TAG 4-bet

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  • 2NL - JJ vs. TAG 4-bet

    Here's a hand I had while trying to do the Million Club Mission. Villain was fairly TAG, about 21/17 over the last 29 hands. They had tried to steal the previous hand, which led to my 3-bet. But I was scared of their 4-bet - could I have done something differently here?
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    try calling the raise not 3 betting. or folding to the 4 bet 100BB deep u never had odds to set mine with your JJ,


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      Hi Chris,

      Definitely don't call this 4b, as kingkong said you don't have odds to set mine and that's basically what your plan must have been here since you check-folded one of the best non-jack flops for JJ.

      If you think he's capable of 4-betting light, or 4-betting very aggressively with his value range (i.e. will 4b AK and some pairs smaller than JJ like tens and 9's), then 5-bet jam, otherwise just fold. If, as is the case with most TAG's at 2nl, he's only 4-betting monsters, then easy fold as that's basically QQ+.

      Also seriously consider not 3-betting, he may be stealing some of the time but vs. a TAG they will just fold all their steals as well as some decent hands that JJ is crushing. Plus the BB is sitting with 70bb's so I assume is fishy, if they are loose or bad then flatting and inviting them into the pot instead of 3-betting and pushing them out may be preferable as well.
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        i think the 4 bet also is quite big,(pot bets it) especially whe villain only bet *2.5 pre, i do this somtimes when im wanting you to shove not call.



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