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50NL TPTK facing reraise on flop

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  • 50NL TPTK facing reraise on flop

    This was a regular 50NL table. The villain was playing four tables and seemed to be pretty ABC, although he hadn't been at the table for more than a few orbits. I was playing without my HUD. What range would you put the villain on and how would you respond to your C-bet getting raised? I assumed that AQ and AK would have 3-bet pf rather than calling oop. The only holdings that made sense to me were 88, 99, or possibly A8s or A9s. Thanks! Roland GTX

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    Hi Greg,

    The holdings you listed make sense, as do a big combo draw like JhTh. I also don't think you can rule out AK and AQ at all, especially so AQ as I would expect most ABC TAG's to NOT 3b with AQ here but defend by flatting.

    I would just fold here, his check-raise is too large to be comfortable calling (it looks like he's trying to negate our positional advantage somewhat with this sizing), and if we don't catch specifically a jack or ten non-heart on the turn we won't be able to continue vs. a solid turn barrel anyway. And I think that's problematic because he's probably barreling his entire check-raising range, moves and strong hands alike. With more defined reads maybe something different would be more appropriate, but without them here I'll opt to fold. (Many players make the mistake of calling to "see what happens", planning to fold vs. another barrel if they don't improve... but that's not great because without reason to believe otherwise, that's exactly what we can expect to usually happen... we don't have any great improvement cards anyway and the turn bullet is probably coming... this certainly happens often enough that we can't call another $6.50 here as if that's our plan we are just lighting that money on fire).
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