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5nl Zoom - QQ, 1 fish, 2 unknowns and lots of action.

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  • 5nl Zoom - QQ, 1 fish, 2 unknowns and lots of action.

    Orginal raiser is kinda fishy, don't have loads of hands but he has been openening alot. The button and small blind are unknowns but are both single tabling. Pre-flop the fish opens for a minbet and I 4x his open as I think he'll call with the same range whether it 3x or 4x. The BTN then cold calls, I think his range here is lots of PP's as well as high suited broadways. The SB then cold 4bets, very big, it then folds back round to me and I really don't think I can continue. I definately can't call so that leaves shoving or folding, I really don't like shoving as I'm over 150BB's deep and the size of the 4 bet is very intimidating. Given that this is zoom is this an easy fold?
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    i dont know about what other people would do , but would only play 2 hands after that raise AA KK and i am not happy with KK but i shove. 150BB QQ is folded there i think even for 100BB best thing you will see is AK . u got 8BB in pot u have 142 still in your stack ,it was a great spot for him to make a move alot of money there for him to pick up. but u need to have seen him make that move befor to shove. he made a big bet maybe he had AK JJ or maybe KK and wanted to be heads up with u not 4 way. i think GF


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      That action makes me feel a little sick. For 100bb, I think I stack off, hoping villain has AK, as the pot odds wouldn't be too bad, but this deep I fold, particularly as my edge comes from playing post-flop rather than getting all in pre.
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        Hi Oliver,

        I agree with kingkong and Arty, I just don't think it's going to be profitable to stack off 150+ bb's facing this action sequence without reads to the contrary. The SB's action looks super strong here... yes his 4b is oversized, but he's got 2 villains (you and the button) who have both shown a strong interest in this pot.

        With reads that led me to define a range for the SB where I felt comfortable stacking QQ this deep I would go for it, but without any reads I think I'll let discretion is the better part of valor here and begrudgingly pass.
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