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KK - 5nl, 6-max zoom: Could I have gotten more value

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  • KK - 5nl, 6-max zoom: Could I have gotten more value

    I would like your comments on how I played the hand. Could I have gotten more value off this hand? I have no stats on the villain as I don't use a HUD. - What do you think about my min-4bet? Would it have been better to just 4bet to 3x to build a pot early or just flat his 3bet to disguise the strength of my hand? 4-betting to 3x might get him to fold worse hands, by flatting I might undervalue my hand and could get into tricky spots postflop. - Could you range my opponent, it's still not my strong suit. Preflop I put him 22+, AJ+. Since he just called my flop bet I put him 44-66, 99, Tx, 8x, 7x, AJ+. On the turn: 44-66, 99, Tx, 8x, 7x. Thanks, RFlush007
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    Hi RFlush,

    Against such small 3bets I would size the 4bet preflop much bigger especially when being OOP. I dont want to give villain such an insanely good price to outflop and then outplay me postflop when he will benefit most from his position.

    As played I think I see some value on the turn, since he could have a lot of hands like pairs + draws. I think I'd bet halfpot here and go from there. Checking will make it quite tough to continue in the hand since you will be in the dark about whether he is bluffing or not once he bets.
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      At 5NL and 2NL there is almost no need to "disguise the strength of my hand". It's fancy play syndrome. Most other players at this level are terrible. You have a very strong hand, so try and get as much value from it as possible. Bet the MOST you think the villain will call. In fact, with KK, you should be looking to get stacks in as soon as possible, hoping villain shows up with QQ-JJ or AK. Sometimes he'll have aces, but the roles will be reversed on another day.

      Since villain just calls, you can eliminate AA from his range unless he's also afflicted by fancy play syndrome. The flop is pretty ugly, but TT is the only hand you should be really afraid of, unless this is the sort of villain that calls 3-bets/4-bets with hands like J9s. I doubt AK or AQ would float that flop, so you can probably bet the ace turn, hoping to get called by a QQ-JJ. Betting also prevents villain from stealing the pot with a worse hand.
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