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  • Missed some value?

    I'm dealt Jd Jc on the button.

    UTG limps in, I raise to 3.x (ay, should have been 4.x), the SB calls and the limper calls.

    Flop comes Ah Kd Qs


    Both opponents check and I check behind.

    Turn comes 5h, a complete blank.

    Again both opponents check, and I check again fearful of trappy play. I have no reads on these guys yet.

    The river is Js

    On the one hand yay. I now beat Ax, Kx and AK, all possible hands. Too bad it also completes the straight if one of them holds a 10.

    They both check again, and I decide to check behind.

    The limper mucks 3s 4c and the SB muck 7s 5s

    Sure great hands to be limping/calling with...

    But now for the question: I think it would have been an extremely thin value bet on the river, but was I wise to check behind and see a showdown, or should I have bet after it got checked around to me on every street...
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    On the river I would make it around 2/3-3/4 pot. You're likely to get called be Ax/Kx/Qx combos, hell you might even get a call from some small-med PP's as well as the odd 5x hand. Easy fold if they raise though.
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      Hi Ov3rsight,

      not betting flop and turn on this bad texture is fine against two opponents since there isn't really any worse you can get called by.

      River is kind of interesting and I dont think there is much value here given they have checked all the way. What you could do is bet really tiny or small and hope for somebody to bluffraise or call with 2 pair/top pair even though it is unlikely they have that sort of hand given they checked to you 3 times.
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