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25NL Zoom ThinValue? (I)

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  • 25NL Zoom ThinValue? (I)

    Villain was 58/50, AF: 0.8 over a tiny sample of 12 hands. Flop FCB: 50%(5) Flop: Cbet though the board was a bit wet. Had 2 overcards and gutshot equity Turn: Cbet for value since we hit TP. Should have bet larger like $2.75. River: Flush draws and JT got there. Think when he minraises, he's got us beaten. Board's very coordinated. Was it still a good spot to bet for thin value? Perhaps from Jacks or worse 2 pairs (KJ, QJ). If not, should we check/call or check/fold?

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    I think you got it pretty much spot on in your overview Definately bet the the turn bigger imo, $2.75 sounds good although I think $3-$3.25 still gets paid imo. Also on the river I think your bet is perfect, he's calling with KJ/QJ/J9 probably even AJ. Once he raises though he has at least a ten so easy fold. Nice hand and well played umbup:
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      i dont get it. he is saying he had TJ or a back door flush . i think he bets bigger with a flush . getting 5-1 i think if it was good for a thin value bet i am calling there is he really raising TJ there so flush or nothing. u really like folding to min raises, maybe he had ATh i dont get the value bet there 4 card stright on board the flush draw got there . and that small bet was begging to get raised . and having seen u bet fold to min raises befor why not turn your hand into a bluff there it dont need to work often . the flush draw was there so it was not back door . i have been looking at alot of the hands u posted i really dont get your thinking. are u trying to sell poket Ts . i am stupid i guess i just dont get it
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        I like betting bigger on the turn since it is such a coordinated board producing a lot of pair+draw combos that can call you down on the early streets.

        On the river I think betting might be just a bit too thin even against the loosest and most passive opponents. Tx will be in villains range fairly often and when he calls flop + turn a xf should be absolutely fine.

        You could probably argue a really small bet of like 1/4 pot since there aren't really any worse hands he could be turning into a bluff too often.
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