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folding AA

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  • folding AA

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    i wanted to trap on a low flop however not what happened . i thought if i shoved he would fold QQ maybe KK and if i 5 bet QQ would fold i dont think he would bet AK there so he had a set of Ks or Qs and was putting me on AA . but i am a fish what do i know . i called turn wanting 1 of my 4 tens or 2 aces.i hated flop and shaked my head on the turn

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    You get a 4 bet pre with Aces and call, your a calmer player than me I'm 5 betting them every time here. So after the check on the turn what range did you give them?

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      all my 0.50 hands are played on zoom ,and tracker dont work at nl0.50 and higher so pretty much no reads


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        Your opponent has checked on the flop. It gives you a tell, that he has probably nothing, or low pair. But you checked too (with an overpair!) my opinion you should make a medium (or some bigger) raise to force him to fold (if he hasn't hit anything on the flop). He started betting after the turn, so basically you've let him to wait for better card for free.


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          With the stack to pot ratio being 3 I think we are going to be committed to stacks on most boards, but as this villain is showing massive strength pre (opening UTG and 4-betting vs. an oversized 3-bet from middle position), I see no reason not to raise again pre since we cooler all strong hands. The amount I like here is about $35, which gives the illusion of some fold equity on a 6-bet shove and will leave about a pot sized bet left for the flop if he flats. But I really don't expect him to flat much, I expect him to shove a lot given the strength he's shown, and getting 200+ bb's in preflop with AA is fantastic.

          I think you should pull the trigger and bet this flop personally. On the turn as gross as it sounds, I think you should fold directly right there. You're just not beating anything in his range any more. KK, QQ, JJ, TT, even 99 are all ahead of you. AK is about all you're beating now but it seems strange he would check this wet a flop with AK in a 4b pot. You don't have a good price to try and hit an ace or ten, especially since they carry little to no implied odds (if you hit either, and it's good, the board will be so scary now what can pay you off?).
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